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Ni program itakayokusidia kutimiza malengo yako kiafya kwa kukusaidia kukupa elimu ya afya,Magonjwa na Kukubunia Mapishi mbalimbali yatakayo kuvusha uondokane na magonjwa Sugu ya Lishe kama Kitambi,Kisukari,Presha,Pumu,Ugumba,Upungufu wa nguvu za kiume,magonjwa ya ngozi na mengineyo

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Infertility Many women are having difficulty getting pregnant The rate of infertility continues to increase in Tanzania and around the world. There are many theories concerning fertility, pregnancy and child birth. HeA or Lishe Bora app will help you get correct information concerning infertility, by using only better eating habbits. The best part is that couples will eventually conceive, with or without treatment. Let me tell you infertility treatment options that can help you and your partner to conceive sooner in this app you will find: * Natural Food recommendations for infertility within Heathy Eating App or Lishe Bora app * Lesson concerning infertility * Best eating habbits and mostly important * Doctor's opinions about infertility

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Obesity Obesity is one of the main contributor for various dieses, An obese person fat deposit in the lumen of blood vessels and narrow the lumen thereby compromise the flow of blood in heart muscle.So due to lack of blood flow in heart muscle, the heart muscle cannot survive and develop ischemic heart disease. Obese diabetic person are prone to develop insulin resistance. Thus obesity is a serious problem There are millions of people, suffering from obesity, Hea App or Lishe Bora will help you reduce your weight or eradicate Obesity by: * Hea app or Lishe bora, will recommend best natural foods for weight loss * With rich video contents Health Eating app or Lishe bora will enable you get correct lesson from Certified doctors about obesity and weight loss * Most importantly HeA app or Lishe Bora provides you best eating habbits from Doctors.

"Very informative for weight loss, pressure, diabetes and other food related diseases"
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"Nimefurahia sana kwani mapishi yatakuwa kiganjani mwangu"

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